Statistics - Duration first review round

Less than one month
All scientific fields 11%
Natural Sciences 9%
Biomedical Sciences 17%
Social Sciences & Humanities 9%
Less than three months
All scientific fields 54%
Natural Sciences 57%
Biomedical Sciences 72%
Social Sciences & Humanities 43%
Less than six months
All scientific fields 84%
Natural Sciences 84%
Biomedical Sciences 97%
Social Sciences & Humanities 79%

Average duration first review round is 15 weeks (Natural Sciences 14 weeks; Medical Sciences 10 weeks; Social Sciences & Humanities 17 weeks).

* Duration first review round is the time between submission of a manuscript and the moment the editor informs the author(s) about the outcome of the first peer review round. More information in the press release.

Statistics derived from SciRev database on 20 June 2014