All reviews received by SciRev

Journal title Average duration Review reports (1st review rnd.)
(click to go to journal page) 1st rev. rnd Tot. handling Im. rejection Number Quality Overall rating Outcome
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 0.7 wks 0.7 wks n/a 1 3 (good) 4 (very good) Accepted
Mathematische Annalen 8.7 wks 13.0 wks n/a 2 4 (very good) 5 (excellent) Accepted
American Anthropologist 13.0 wks 13.0 wks n/a 5 1 (bad) 0 (very bad) Rejected
Motivation: No engagement with positive aspects of review, minimal advise on improvement.
International Feminist Journal of Politics 8.7 wks 15.2 wks n/a 2 3 (good) 3 (good) Accepted
Motivation: The handling was overall efficient, cordial, and fair. The publication time (from acceptance to print) was 1 year. Insistence on word limits added to the difficulty of finalizing. Handling of figures did not allow colour reproductions, even for electronic version without substantial cost, and figure space counts towards word limit, making the task even more difficult.
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 0.1 wks 6.1 wks n/a 2 3 (good) 4 (very good) Accepted
Motivation: Online publishing system for sending a little messy. The editor replied quickly. One of the reviewers did not respond for a long time, although his comments related only to the style of the text.
Physical Review E 10.8 wks 10.8 wks n/a 2 3 (good) 3 (good) Rejected
Motivation: It took two months or so to get two reviews (which were really helpful by the way), but what makes this submission remarkable is that the editor had to contact 11 peers to get these two reviews. Some people immediately refused to review the paper, but most of them just did not respond to the editor requests. The editor handled the process really well; he or she managed to provide timely feedback even given the lack of response from the reviewers.
IATSS Research 23.9 wks 24.2 wks n/a 2 3 (good) 3 (good) Accepted
Motivation: Relatively fast, constructive comments
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America n/a n/a 7.0 days n/a n/a n/a Rejected (im.)
Physical Review E 8.7 wks 36.9 wks n/a 2 3 (good) 1 (bad) Rejected
Motivation: The second round of review lasted for more than 6 months. After the first round we had one positive and one negative review, so the editor decided to send the paper to one more reviewer. Apparently, it was the search for the new reviewer that took so much time. Finally, the paper was rejected even given that the new reviewer provided quite constructive criticism that in principle could be addressed in a minor revision of the paper.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 8.7 wks 8.7 wks n/a 3 2 (moderate) 3 (good) Rejected
PLoS Genetics n/a n/a 6.0 days n/a n/a n/a Rejected (im.)
PLoS Biology n/a n/a 38.0 days n/a n/a n/a Rejected (im.)
Evolution 6.6 wks 10.7 wks n/a 3 4 (very good) 5 (excellent) Accepted
Motivation: The reviewers and editors provided excelent input and drove me to get a more general and elegant result.
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 1.0 wks 1.7 wks n/a 2 5 (excellent) 5 (excellent) Accepted
Motivation: The submission process has very clear requirements.
The recommendations of the Key Reader and reviewers led to the manuscript improvement.
European Journal of International Relations 4.3 wks 4.3 wks n/a 2 3 (good) 2 (moderate) Rejected
Motivation: I think the editors overstated the extent of revisions that would have been required from the one reviewer that suggested revisions to clarify theoretical concepts employed. Second reviewer had no revisions suggested. Given these reviews, an outright rejection rather than R&R seemed severe.
Engineering Geology 6.5 wks 8.5 wks n/a 2 2 (moderate) 3 (good) Accepted
Journal of Political Philosophy n/a n/a 5.0 days n/a n/a n/a Rejected (im.)
Journal of Moral Philosophy n/a n/a 7.0 days n/a n/a n/a Rejected (im.)
Communication Research 17.4 wks 39.1 wks n/a 2 4 (very good) 4 (very good) Accepted
Motivation: I had a great experience with Communication Research with Dr. Roloff as my editor. The manuscript benefited greatly from the editor's and reviewers' comments. The only issue is the backlog of manuscripts waiting to be published.
Respiratory Physiology and Neurobiology 3.1 wks 4.3 wks n/a 2 2 (moderate) 4 (very good) Accepted
Motivation: Review was professionally handled
Journal of Information Science 7.0 wks 11.3 wks n/a 1 3 (good) 5 (excellent) Accepted
Information Processing and Management 43.4 wks 43.4 wks n/a 2 2 (moderate) 1 (bad) Drawn back
Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific 8.7 wks 8.7 wks n/a 1 0 (very bad) 0 (very bad) Rejected
Motivation: The review was done very unrpfessionaly and some arguments used to reject the paper were clearly wrong. I had the feeling that the refee did not bother tor ead the paper carefully at al.
Geofizika 21.7 wks 26.0 wks n/a 2 3 (good) 3 (good) Accepted
Motivation: Apart from slow review process, I was quite happy witht the outcome, especially as the topics of the paper is mutidisciplinary and this was the first article in this filed in Geofizika, as far as I know.
Medical and Veterinary Entomology 4.3 wks 5.8 wks n/a 3 3 (good) 5 (excellent) Accepted
Acta Geophysica 6.5 wks 6.5 wks n/a 2 3 (good) 4 (very good) Accepted
Mathematische Annalen 39.1 wks 39.1 wks n/a 0 n/a 5 (excellent) Accepted
Motivation: Positive experience in every respect:
- completely acceptable duration of the refereeing process for a journal of this quality (a little less than 9 months)
- Mathematische Annalen tries to keep their authors informed: we received an acknowledgement of receipt on the day of submission, we were informed immediately after the referee report was received, and just a few days later we were told about the final acceptance.
Classical and Quantum Gravity 8.7 wks 13.0 wks n/a 2 1 (bad) 0 (very bad) Drawn back
Motivation: One of the two reports recommended acceptance, the other (by the same negative referee of the first round) rejection. We had also explained to the editor at painstaking length that the requested changes were out of the focus of the paper. The editor decided not only to reject, but (on the grounds that "both" reports were negative!!!) said that, since it would be impossible to revise this paper without writing it anew (!!!) any resubmission would be treated as new. Mind that this paper was invited and recommended by one of the CQG editors, still the editor in charged completely ignored both the inviting editor's recommendation and the positive report. Totally unprofessional behaviour; that editor felt free to bully and make arbitrary decisions protected by his anonymity. I'll never submit again to this journal.
Journal of Mathematical Physics n/a n/a 121.6 days n/a n/a n/a Rejected (im.)
Journal of Mathematical Physics n/a n/a 3.0 days n/a n/a n/a Rejected (im.)
Linguistic Inquiry 30.4 wks 43.4 wks n/a 3 2 (moderate) 0 (very bad) Rejected
Molecular Systems Biology 4.5 wks 6.5 wks n/a 3 3 (good) 4 (very good) Accepted
Motivation: The editor clearly pointed out what editor's comments has to be addressed ( and what is less important) to improve our chance for acceptance. Very helpful. Very helpful.
Environmental Microbiology Reports 13.0 wks 21.7 wks n/a 2 0 (very bad) 0 (very bad) Accepted
Motivation: Editor was slow, arrogant and not very competent for our theme of research.
Acta Mathematica Scientia 65.1 wks 65.1 wks n/a 1 0 (very bad) 0 (very bad) Rejected
Motivation: Note that, for this comment (that is my work is already done) Reviewer takes more than 15 months.
Also, when I submitted, my results was new, but due to slow processing and reviewing after 6-7 months of my submission similar results to those I submitted was published by another journal ( more reputed than this journal).
American Journal of Therapeutics Immediately accepted after 0.4 weeks Accepted (im.)
International Gambling Studies 6.0 wks 9.0 wks n/a 3 3 (good) 4 (very good) Accepted
Journal of Applied Social Psychology 43.4 wks 43.4 wks n/a 1 2 (moderate) 0 (very bad) Rejected
Motivation: The journal took far too long to review the manuscript. I wrote after 6 months to enquire about the delay and was told that two reviewers had agreed to review the manuscript, that one review had been submitted and the other would be submitted imminently. Four months later (i.e. 10 months post-submission), I received a rejection letter on the basis of only one review.
Microbial Biotechnology 8.6 wks 9.6 wks n/a 3 3 (good) 3 (good) Accepted
Water Alternatives 21.7 wks 22.8 wks n/a 3 3 (good) 3 (good) Accepted
Journal of Common Market Studies 9.6 wks 15.4 wks n/a 3 3 (good) 3 (good) Accepted
Motivation: I feel this a generally positive experience. The turnaround time was decent. There were one or two comments that I felt stemmed from not having read the MS carefully, but overall the comments were well-observed and helped me to improve the manuscript a great deal. They were quite strict on the word count.